What are some interesting truths that mystics talk about?

What is interesting?

I suppose sharing some things that I find interesting….

- Our interiority has a lot of answers.

- At a fundamentally important level, there is no difference between this and that…between one thing and everything else.

- Having compassion for everyone and everything is a fulfilling — and ultimately necessary — condition of being; and if mystical practice doesn’t lead us to this space, then there may be something faulty with the practice (or how we are going about it).

- As above, so below…as within, so without.

- Ego throws up a lot of interference to both well-being and truth.

- Letting go — and not acting or reacting — often has great efficacy.

- Some important insights are ineffable.

- Mystical perception-cognition is accessible to most people, but one technique may be more constructive than another in helping open them to it.

- Reason can only lead you so far.

- Seemingly miraculous events often happen along the way, but they have little meaning or import.

- We are rarely as far along in our spiritual journey as we think we are.

My 2 cents.


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