What are some misunderstanding that people have about mysticism?

Thank you for the question. Here are some misunderstandings I’ve encountered about mysticism:

1. **It’s “New Age.”** Nope…mysticism has existed in various forms all around the world for thousands of years.

2. **It’s about magick, or alchemy, or conversing with spirits.** Nope…it’s about inviting innate spiritual perception-cognition and wisdom that every person has within themselves.

3. **It’s not part of any religion.** Nope…some flavor of mysticism exists in every spiritual tradition: Sufism (Islam); contemplative Christianity; Kabbalah (Judaism); Wicca; Hinduism; Buddhism; etc.

4. **It’s “of the Devil.”** Nope…it’s the esoteric basis for every form of compassion-centered spirituality — and indeed every formal religion.

5. **Only special people can be mystics.** Nope…there are tools and practices available to anyone and everyone to activate mystical awareness — there are just some techniques that are more suitable to one person than another.

My 2 cents.


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