What disciplines lead to wisdom?

Thanks for the question Kate. Some disciplines I believe have led to what little wisdom I have accumulated over the past five decades:

1) Meditation and introspection that leads to self-knowledge and intuitive insights.

2) Resisting exclusive reliance on external authorities to guide my choices.

3) Accepting that there are many sources of wisdom — many dimensions — within that can contribute: analytical intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, social intelligence, somatic intelligence, etc.

4) Personal failures and bad choices (and its necessary companions: stick-to-it-iveness and patience)

5) The ongoing adventure of human relationships.

6) Aiming to be a loving, creative presence in the world.

7) Mimesis: practicing/emulating something I didn’t understand (and often didn’t want to do) until it bore fruit in my life.

My 2 cents.


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