What did you realize - expressed in one sentence - upon spiritual awakening?

“That there is a continuum of insight, burrowing through seemingly endless layers of constructs (one of which is “spiritual awakening”), to mediate encounters with an immediate, nondual rawness of being — an immersion which then tends to be integrated, after-the-fact, by either a) rationalizing the experience to fit with cultural conditioning and language, b) accepting it as what is (roughly, an emergent mystery, navigated and boundarized within the limitations of consciousness), c) interpreting it as an essence or ground from which everything else arises, d) allowing it to infuse us with surprising depths of humility and compassion, e) accepting its stimulation of gnosis and sophia within, f) some combination of all of the above…usually one that relies on discernment, and a specific quality of letting go, to to bear fruit in our lives.”


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