What's the difference between a lunatic and a mystic?

Some thoughts on this:

It is quite easy for a mystic to lose their mind and become a lunatic. It is less easy for a mentally deranged person who can’t recover their faculties to practice mystical disciplines.

- A lunatic and a mystic may experience similar peak experiences in a given instant, but the mystic has some idea about how to integrate and interpret them.

- A mystic can differentiate the inventions of imagination and apophenia from spiritual perception-cognition, but a lunatic likely cannot.

- A mystic appreciates the difference between emotional intuitions and impulses, and authentic gnosis. A lunatic may not have access to gnosis at all - and even if they do, they may not recognize it.

- A mystic’s intentionality will tend to center around prosocial behaviors and outcomes - that which is beneficial for the good of all. A lunatic is less predictable in this regard.

My 2 cents.

From Quora question: https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-difference-between-a-lunatic-and-a-mystic/answer/T-Collins-Logan


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