What is the most profound piece of knowledge that you've come across?

In answer to Quora question "What is the most profound piece of knowledge that you've come across?"

Thank you for the A2A Alice.

I would break this down into two areas: knowledge about human beings, and knowledge about the Universe.

Regarding knowledge about humans, I think it is precisely what you have already identified: our capacity and our choice to encounter, apprehend and grok "profound knowledge" - this is itself a most astounding condition, in that we continue to learn and grow. What a gift! Further, that humans can perceive and process such knowledge on many different levels - intellectually, emotionally, somatically, spiritually, socially, etc. - adds so much depth and dimensionality to this process. And finally, that we have the creative power to operationalize/reify what we learn; we can build really complex gadgets, engage in a dialectical synthesis of abstract ideas into insight and wisdom, construct civil society within various ethical and ideological frameworks, write novels and compose symphonies...it's all pretty darn nifty.

Regarding knowledge about the Universe, I think that's what floors me: knowledge about the Universe. It's an infinitely expanding realm of multidimensional understanding, profound in its complexity, interdependence, sophistication and wonder. And appreciating the fact that, even with everything humanity has grasped through science, philosophy, introspection and mystical ahas, we still have a virtually unlimited amount of knowledge yet to discover...well, that is both profound and humbling.

My 2 cents.


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