How can I live mindful life?

Quora answer to "How can I live mindful life?"

Thank you for the A2A. Here are some humble suggestions regarding mindfulness:

Carefully pay attention to everything within and without as you experience it - that is, to every dimension of your being, and every dimension of existence - without judgement or attachment. Just observe and take note. Every day. Every moment. Be aware, and let go. Over time, be awake in such a way that your vigilance itself is not driven by ego. Realize that your mindfulness is no different from all the other phenomena you are observing. Also see if you can recognize how compassion, humility, empathy, and generosity could become your dearest friends along this journey, providing the fuel of purpose and context for your mindfulness. Then, as your mindfulness deepens, recognize in your heart-of-hearts how temporary and fleeing all of this is. Are these all constructs that have no real existence except in relationship to each other? Rest in the knowing that arises in answer to that question. Finally, when freedom itself is an unspeakable (but fully felt) and empty uniformity, let go of that as well. That is also a construct. As you come to apprehend the unity of all things, make a decision: will you help others experience this liberation...? How will you answer when they ask "How can I live a mindful life?"

My 2 cents.


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