How can I hasten my spiritual development?

In answer to Quora question: "How can I hasten my spiritual development?"

Thank you for the A2A and clarification. Here is how I would answer:

1. You can accelerate spiritual experiences and exposure to higher orders of perception and being - through meditation, mystical activation, studying the scriptures of various faith traditions, praying without ceasing, etc.

2. You can accelerate the development of supportive structures for spiritual *gnosis*, so that it can penetrate consciousness more thoroughly and be operationalized in reliable ways - through nourishing and nurturing every other dimension of your being (social enrichment, physical health, learning knowledge and skills, intimate friendships, healing any childhood trauma, attenuating stress, etc.).

3. You can accelerate the compassionate reflexes of love-consciousness - through practicing generosity, humility, empathy, active listening, non-attachment, service to others, etc.

4. You can refine your intentionality, so that you are committed to pursuing all of these things for the greatest good, for the greatest number, for the greatest duration - for the good of all, and without any egoic reward.

5. You cannot, however, accelerate spiritual development. Doing all these things will provide more awareness and discipline around that development, but it will not hasten it. Your experience of spiritual unfolding will be just that, and nothing more. In spiritual matters, we are seldom as far along as we hope to be, but we can often be farther along that we fully realize.

My 2 cents.


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