14th Amendment's modern expansions into desegregation, abortion rights & same-sex marriage
·       Equal Pay Act & Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
·       Equal Rights Amendment
·       Head Start
·       Sex education, contraception, women's health & abortion rights
·       Marriage equality
·       LGBTQ rights
·       GI Bill of Rights
·       Repeal of "Don't Ask-Don't Tell"
·       Opposition to emancipation & 13th Amendment
·       Opposition to most Civil Rights Acts
, and:
·       Defunding or sabotaging of access to women's clinics, abortion, sex education, contraception, etc.
·       Reversal of any protections for LGBTQ
·       Passage of DOMA
·       Reversal of any programs that level the playing field for minorities
·       "Don't Ask-Don't Tell"
·       Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation & passage of the 13th Amendment
·       Most Civil Rights Acts

       Expansion of 15th & 24th Amendments' voting protections
·       Women's Right to Vote
·       Voting Rights Act
·       Campaign finance reform
·       Creation and funding of United Nations
·       Marshall Plan
·       Freedom of Information Act
·       Camp David Accords
·       Promotion of unnecessary wars & war profiteering
·       Promotion of domestic surveillance
·       Refusal of FOIA requests (Executive Branch)
(with exception of McCain-Feingold signed by G.W. Bush, which was nevertheless vigorously opposed by other conservatives), and:
·       Invention & promotion of "corporate personhood" via judiciary and consequent corruption of political campaigns by dark money (Citizens United)
·       Ongoing attempts to repeal all or part of VRA
·       Voting requirements and restrictions that create barriers for minorities
·       Gerrymandering at state level to artificial enlarge GOP representation in the House and state legislatures
·       Promotion of unnecessary wars & war profiteering
·       Refusal of FOIA requests (Executive Branch)
·       Opposition to domestic surveillance
·       START II Treaty

·       Fairness Doctrine (FCC)
·       Food & drug safety (FDA)
·       Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
·       Consumer Product Safety Commission
·       Bureau of Consumer Protection
·       Dodd-Frank
·       Anti-Trust legislation
·       Product labeling laws
·       Truth in Advertising
·       FHA mortgages
·       Gun control legislation
with persistent and ongoing attempts to undermine, defund, deregulate or shut these protections down entirely

       Social Security Act
·       Medicare & Medicaid
·       ACA
·       FEMA
with persistent and ongoing efforts to remove or privatize these programs

       Child labor laws
·       National Labor Relations Act & consistently pro-union/collective bargaining power
·       40-hr work week
·       Unemployment Insurance
·       Overtime
·       Disability Insurance
·       Consistently promoting higher minimum wage
·       Pro-worker's rights judiciary appointments & rulings
, and:
·       Collusion with A.L.E.C. to prevent higher minimum wage laws that voters pass
·       Consistently anti-union (Right to Work laws that break unions, supported corporate suppression of early unionizing efforts, etc.)
·       Pro-corporate, anti-worker judiciary appointments & rulings

       Protection of BLM
·      Increasing land and funding for National Parks & Monuments
·       Carbon trading & emissions regulation to mitigate climate change, with increased emphasis on green energy alternatives
·       Humane treatment of farm animals
·       Reducing reliance on pesticides, GMOs, genetic patenting, animal hormones & corporate farming
·       Hesitant or divided opposition to fracking.
(except Nixon creating EPA and signing CWA & CAA in 1970, for which many Republicans initially voted, but which afterwards most conservatives have loudly criticized), and:
·       Corporate exploitation and destruction of BLM
·       Gutting funding for National Parks & Monuments
·       Climate change denial and opposition to all mitigation strategies, with promotion of tradition coal, oil & gas extraction and resistance to green technologies
·       Denial of negative impact of pesticides, GMOs, genetic patenting, etc. on environment
·       Bipartisan support of Endangered Species Act championed by Nixon
·       Bipartisan support of Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and establishing the EPA, as championed by Nixon
·       Ulysses S. Grant (R) established Yellowstone

       Promotion of mixed economy with targeted regulations, limitations on corporate power, and Demand Side controls that expand the middle class and effectively stimulate economic growth and reduce debt
·       Promotion of infrastructure investment (whether pork barrel or not), Interstate Highway System, etc.
·       Legalization of alcohol and drugs
·       EITC
·       SEC
, and:
·       Supply Side economic policies with increased privatization, deregulation expansion of corporate power, and irrational fear of appropriate socialization, all of which increases wealth inequality while constricting the economy, amplifying poverty, stagnating growth and increasing debt
·       Opposition to infrastructure spending (unless it is pork barrel), Interstate Highway System, etc.
·       Criminalization of alcohol and drug use

       Establishing and promoting the National Science Foundation & National Institutes of Health
·       Restrictions on teaching religious doctrines in schools
·       Science funding & promotion of scientific knowledge in public education
·       Increased funding for public education
·       Federal Student Loan Program
·       National Endowment for the Arts
·       PBS & NPR
·       Promotion of a free Internet
·       NASA & space exploration
, and:
·       Aggressively promoting privatization of all education
·       Promotion of teaching religious doctrines in public schools
·       Consistently trying to defund NEA, PBS & NPR - or shut them down entirely
·       Consistent efforts to deregulate the Internet in favor of big business
·       Opposition to scientific research & funding, and to teaching scientific knowledge in schools
Note:  On the issue of race (including slavery & minority civil rights), Southern Democrats historically voted more conservatively than Northern Republicans.  When we control for this exception, Democrats can mainly be associated with Left-leaning, socially liberal policies, and Republicans mainly with the Right-leaning, socially conservative ones.
Social Justice·Opposing ALL of these
Promoting & Protecting Democracy·Opposing ALL of these
Consumer Protections·Opposing ALL of these
Social Safety Net·Opposing ALL of these
Worker Protections·Opposing ALL of these
Environmental Protections·Opposing ALL of these
Economic Growth·Opposing ALL of these
Knowledge Diffusion·Opposing ALL of these