What is post-postmodernism?

Answering the question "What is post-postmodernism?"

Thanks for the A2A Jeff. I’ve only brushed up against this topic, but here are my impressions:

- Enough relaxation of postmodern skepticism (or perhaps an application of postmodern skepticism to postmodernism itself) to allow for optimism.

- A tentative reintegration of the ideals, expressions and attitudes that postmodernism rejected, while retaining self-awareness about this process (for example: conscious naiveté).

- A form of syncretic integralism.

- A natural cultural maturation process beyond rebellious black-and-white formulations of adolescence into the nuanced gray areas of adulthood.

In my own work, I view the post-postmodern or metamodern stance as applying conceptions of multidialectical synthesis to the cultural-artistic sphere.

My 2 cents.


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