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The Early Days

From about 1988 until 1992, I wrote a bunch of short fiction and my first novel. Initially, I tried to break into the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy - attending conventions, partying with editors and publishers, joining writers groups, and generally immersing myself in that culture. Over the course of those four years I submitted hundreds of stories and queries to publishers and periodicals, and actually managed to get one story published. That earned me $75. I also received one or two hand written rejections from editors, which was a nice change from the endless stream of form letters declining publication. I then tried my luck with submissions to literary journals for some of my non-genre stories, which was even less fruitful (I did not receive even rejection letters). Eventually, I had to accept that a literary career was not going to be a reliable means of supporting myself, and that perhaps I should take a break. Apart from poetry, journaling, and a handful of essays, I did not write much of anything after that for nearly a decade.

Below are links to some examples of those early efforts at fiction. I do hope to return to writing fiction at some point - I have a few ideas I’d like to attempt — but perhaps this page will serve as my reminder that I should be more devoted to the art and craft of storytelling itself than to “getting published.” :-)