Has studying psychology changed the way you interact with people?

Yes, absolutely. For example:

I tend to be less judgmental of both myself and others as I have a better understanding of what prompts certain unskillful responses. Or…if I find that I am being judgmental…I am able to correct myself more quickly.

I am more tuned in to indications of depression in others than I had been before, and will more readily question further to see if someone is experiencing additional symptoms.

I can shift into an observation mode more easily now - detaching a bit from an interaction. This is actually not always a good thing (say, with a partner), but it can be useful when conflicts arise in friendships or with family members.

I think I have more humility about my own mentation - I am more aware of cognitive distortions and factors like stress or diet that can impair perception and increase reactivity. Knowing doesn’t necessarily change what I am observing…but I can be more chagrined than confused about it. When interacting with others, this makes things like admitting I was wrong or making repair attempts much easier. Not easy…just easier. :-)

One unfortunate side-effect of studying mental illnesses in particular is observing how prevalent forme fruste or subclinical diseases and disorders seem to be. It doesn’t take long before everyone seems to be exhibiting symptoms. Ha.

Lastly I would say that studying psychology is one thing, and experiencing therapy is quite another, but that both are highly instructive and have influenced how I interact with myself and others.

My 2 cents.

From Quora post: https://www.quora.com/Has-studying-psychology-changed-the-way-you-interact-with-people/answer/T-Collins-Logan


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